The goal of begunec.si project is communication of inclusion of refugees into Slovenian society and promoting intercultural dialogue.

The communication campaign is based on new approach. We do not want to expose tragic and cruel refugee stories, the main focus is on intercultural dialogue. The dialogue is only possible between two equal persons with mutual respect and willingness to learn and accept cultural and other differences. We want to promote discovering of new, different cultures and also provide a starting-point for refugees to be perceived like comprehensive personalities. Only then the intercultural dialogue can be possible.

The basis of projects communication is different perception of refugees. Every refugee has his or hers own sad story, distress, danger, persecution ... which led him or her to leave his home. The creative solutions of this campaign with attractive visual elements are telling the story of how severe must the situation in origin country be, for refugees to leave this paradise.

A part of this project is also a photo contest, that is following the same story. The goal of the contest is to present the beauties of countries known mainly for cruel and violent images.

The project is funded by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Slovenia and European Refugee Fund.

For more information about the project, contact us at info@begunec.si.